Do you have any problems when you urinate?

We recommend that you talk with a health care provider if your total score on the first 7 questions is 8 or greater or if you are bothered at all.

Have you noticed any of the following when you have gone to the bathroom to urinate over the past month?


It does not feel like I empty my bladder all the way.


I have to go again less than 2 hours after I finish urinating.


I stop and start again several times when I urinate.


It is hard to wait when I have to urinate.


I have a weak urinary stream.


I have to push or strain to begin urination.


I get up to urinate after I go to bed until the time I get up in the morning.

Your Score:


0-7 8-19 20-35
Your symptoms are mild Your symptoms are moderate Your symptoms are severe
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