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The Science

Prostate health may not exactly be dinner table conversation, but it is something that should be on the mind of every man. That’s because, over time, the vast majority of men will develop an enlarged prostate, with size increases typically beginning after age forty. Some men will not experience any symptoms at all due to benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, but others have to deal with numerous annoying and embarrassing issues.

If you’re experiencing classic BPH symptoms like getting up several times a night to go to the bathroom, sudden and urgent need to urinate, straining during urination, or incomplete emptying of the bladder, you are likely well aware how urinary issues can affect a person’s overall quality of life. You’re somewhat comforted to know that many men are going through the exact same thing, but you still wish you didn’t have to be one of them.

You’ve reviewed the information about Prostara, and a big part of you wants to give it a chance. You like that it’s all natural, and you’re also impressed that it has ten scientifically researched ingredients. There is still one crucial question, however, that requires a satisfactory answer: “How exactly does Prostara work?”

Prostara is a revolutionary advancement in prostate health improvement that can provide multi-symptom relief while acting on the pathways responsible for the synthesis of compounds that lead to prostate enlargement!*

The comprehensive combination of nutrients and herbal extracts in Prostara provide the prostate with minerals needed for optimal health and functioning as well as plant-based ingredients in their clinically optimized amounts that can lessen the severity of a variety of urinary issues.* There is little doubt that Prostara is the most advanced product of its kind currently available!

The following effects of Prostara will provide BPH symptom relief over the short term and support lifelong prostate health:

  • Regulates the production of key hormones*
  • Inhibits the growth of prostate cells*
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory*

Prostara Contains Natural Hormone Regulators That Can Inhibit The Production of Prostate-Enlarging Compounds!*

While medical professionals understand the signs and symptoms of an enlarged prostate, exactly why this organ tends to increase over time is not entirely understood. However, one theory is that the hormones testosterone and estrogen may play an important role. Both of these hormones are produced in the body throughout a man’s life. However, as men age, the ratio of estrogen to testosterone increases. These proportionally higher levels of estrogen may promote the growth of cells in the prostate and increase the overall size of the organ. Testosterone itself is not linked to prostate enlargement. However, a hormone it is converted into—dihydrotestosterone, or DHT—is the presence of this male hormone may promote continued growth of prostate cells. If these theories about prostate enlargement are correct, decreasing levels of estrogen and DHT in the body would be an effective approach to treating BPH and the associated urinary difficulties.

Prostara has a number of extracts that can help inhibit the production of hormones associated with prostate enlargement.* The pumpkin seed powder in the Prostara formulation may help to block the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, while nettle root extract is a natural anti-estrogenic that can combat excess estrogen. Decreasing the levels of these two hormones may help to slow further enlargement of the prostate and decrease symptoms over time.

Prostara Has Herbal Cell Regulators That Can Inhibit Cellular Growth and Possibly Even Shrink The Prostate Over Time!*

The prostate is a gland of the male reproductive system that is located almost directly beneath the bladder. Part of the urethra—the hollow tube that transports urine and semen outside of the body—is also found within the prostate. As the prostate gland grows larger over time, the urethra may become squeezed or pinched, which makes it more difficult to pass urine. This, in turn, can eventually cause the bladder to become weaker and lead to urinary retention (incomplete emptying of the bladder). Enlarged prostate is technically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, with the term hyperplasia referring to an increased production of cells. Logically, one of the best ways to minimize the symptoms of BPH would be to inhibit the growth of prostate cells.

Several of the extracts in Prostara are believed to be capable of slowing the growth of cells in the prostate and possibly even shrinking the gland. Such a decrease in size could reduce the pressure on the urethra and lessen the severity of multiple urinary symptoms, including straining and urgency. Saw palmetto may shrink the prostate by inhibiting the body’s production of a specific enzyme linked to cellular growth, while pumpkin seed powder contains phytosterols that could have prostate-shrinking properties. The nettle root extract, soy isoflavones, and lycopene in Prostara are all believed to be capable of inhibiting prostate cell growth.*

Prostara Contains Calming Extracts That Can Combat Inflammation of The Prostate Gland!*

Doctors and scientists are still working hard to pinpoint the exact reasons why the prostate gets larger as men age. There is some evidence that inflammation may play a role in the enlargement of the prostate over time. Additionally, chronic inflammation can cause many of the same symptoms as BPH, including difficulty urinating and a frequent urge to urinate. Therefore, minimizing inflammation may play an advantageous role in promoting good overall prostate health.

The Prostara formulation contains two natural and highly effective anti-inflammatories: beta-sitosterols and pygeum bark extract. These compounds work synergistically to ease and calm any inflammation that may be causing or worsening urinary symptoms.

Urinary issues in men due to prostate enlargement are extremely common, but that doesn’t mean you should have to spend the best years of your life dealing with them. With Prostara, you can relieve existing symptoms and discomfort while taking a proactive approach to prevent further enlargement, maintain optimal prostate function, and promote good urinary health!

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